Why Choosing Organic Baby Clothes is The Best for Your Baby

Organic Kimonos
Organic Kimono Onesies

Your little bud is the most precious gem of your life. Mothers, no matter if they are first-time moms or not, want to do everything possible to ensure their kids have the best in life. They spend time reading educational sites and baby blogs during pregnancy and thereafter.

From shifting to organic food to make sure they are healthy to comfortable clothes and suitable gear.

Wherever you are on the journey with the baby today, you can protect the baby’s skin with organic baby clothes.

Organic baby clothing has become a trend these days. Slow fashion is approved and well-liked among parents. They prefer natural and organic clothes over clothes wetted in chemicals.

Organic cotton clothes are chemical-free, anti-microbial, mold and mildew-resistant, and softer than usual cotton clothes. By embracing organic baby clothes, you are giving your baby the finest quality clothes that are softer to their sensitive skin.

The sooner you become an organic lover, the better it is.

There are unlimited choices for adorable organic baby clothes in the market. If you are looking for something sustainable, RollyPollies organic kids wear is for you.

Whether you desire to cut down textile waste from ending up in the landfill or sheathing your baby only in natural clothes, we have got a vast array of the best natural, sustainable clothes for your baby.

Rolly pollies organic clothes are made from high-quality natural materials. The fabric we use is organic and natural cotton and bamboo, which is super soft, breathable, and thermo-regulating.

The baby feels warm in winters and cool in summers which is not the case in synthetic clothes.

Organic vs Regular Cotton: What’s the Difference?

The major difference is the method the cotton is produced and the ratio of noxious substances used in the processing method.

Baby clothing made from ordinary cotton utilizes an excessive quantity of lethal pesticides during cultivation. They are then vigorously bleached and dyed with poisonous tints before the weaving.

Organic cotton, on the other hand, is grown using organic seeds on pesticide-free soil. No artificial watering is done, no chemical is sprayed. The harvested cotton ball is handpicked and treated with chemical-free natural colors.

Benefits Of Organic Baby Clothing

  • Organic nature- Natural baby clothes are not treated using chemicals or pesticides during the production processes. It creates a more innoxious and healthfuller environment.

  • Kind to baby- The newborn baby's skin is sensitive to chemicals. Organic baby wear is free from all toxins. This means a fewer chance of allergic infections and skin inflammation. Also, because the fabric hasn't exerted bashing from the chemicals, organic clothes are softer on your baby’s sensitive skin. Wearing organic, reduce respiratory issues in kids.

  • Kind to The Environment- Zero use of chemical means, save farmers, harvesters, producers and, merchandisers to go through less or no pollutants and chemicals. If you choose organic clothes, you are contributing to providing them healthier working conditions.

  • Kind to your pocket- Organic baby clothes are durable, resistant to mold, water-friendly, less prone to wear and tear. This means you'll be buying less. These clothes go a long way

RollyPollies creates the best clothing you’ll ever put on your cute love pot. Our products are super soft, stay forever, and do not stretch out. Check out the fabulous basics, organic kimonos, organic onesies, organic rompers.

Organic Kimono

The kimono originates from Japanese culture.

'ki' means “to wear” and 'mono' means “a worn object”. The sode, the sleeve of the kimono, is loose and roomy to allow movement comfortably.

Kimonos style is the best suitable for newborns. Newborns are super sensitive. New moms are excited to make their babies look loveable and charming. They indulge in a lot of dressing and undressing their babies.

Organic kimonos sets with long sleeves will make your baby look adorable. Besides this cute look, there are benefits to kimonos.

Easy dressing

Kimono sets make dressing relatively easy. First-time mommies and daddies have the toughest time in dressing and diapering their newborns. The wrap-s garment allows you to change the clothes without making the newborns wear clothes down their heads. You only need a bit of twisting and turning. And you are done!

Comfortable side fasteners

Unlike regular baby clothes, the kimonos do not have zippers that press the front or back. The zippers at back are a problem in sleeping and zippers in the front may hurt your newborn’s umbilical cord stump.

Side Fasteners Kimono
Side Fasteners

The wrap style and side fasteners give parents relief from these two problems.


A newborn’s kimono or onesie allows layering and flexibility. These baby rompers can be worn with or without pants. You can mix and blend them with other clothes as required.

How to Dress the Baby in Kimono

Unlike conventional cloths, kimonos are easy to put on. You have to stretch the neck hole of the regular garment and pull it through the baby’s head and then pull the arms through the armholes. This is quite a sweating thing to do with a newborn as they are fluffy soft and cannot hold their neck.

Our organic baby kimonos are easy to put on. Just put the baby’s arm through and then wrap the sides.

RollyPollie's Organic Kimonos are excellent for springs and summers. Made of 100% Organic GOTS Certified Cotton, we use fasteners, not zippers. You nevermore have to worry about your baby's soft skin being hurt.

Since the snaps of the organic baby rompers go across the chest, they provide an option for easy-changing diapers, since the garment opens completely wide. The rompers are made from the softest, breathable fabrics.

Our kimonos come in various sleeve types to keep your baby cool or warm while being fashionable.

You get a wide spectrum of colors and designs for baby girls, boys, and unisex. The hot-selling ones are flowers and fruits, lemons, abstracts, and bugs. All designs look fabulous.

The organic kimonos from rolly pollies make great newborn gifts, gifts for baby showers, or a great addition to your baby's wardrobe.

All organic kimonos for newborns are designed for both night and daywear. You can feel free to pick any for a great trip, fun time, and sleep time. You don’t need to buy separate clothes for the night.

All our organic baby clothes are 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified Natural Cotton that is free of toxins and other harmful pesticides. The material is 100% organic cotton and the tints used are 100% plant-based dye.

The organic rompers are available in all sizes. From newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, and 18 months.

The organic baby clothes from rolly pollies are created to be functional, comfortable, and endure frequent washing. The different types of sleeves short and long and the side fasteners make them suitable for new babies. We make sure are no labels on the neck to guarantee maximum comfort.

Tips for Buying Organic Kimono for Your Baby

  1. Green and sustainable don’t always mean organic. So, only buy GOTS-certified organic clothes. GOTS is awarded after thorough screening of cultivation and manufacturing process.

  2. Make sure the entire product is organic. Again look for GOTS. GOTS assures seeds are organic, no harmful colors are used in the creation process, and craftsmen work in a healthy and flourished environment.

  3. Buy from a trusted brand only. Do your research over google search and social media about the brand and the ethics. Read customer reviews before buying.

  4. Organic baby clothes are on the pricier side. The higher cost is due to higher farming costs, manufacturing, and storage costs. Do not get conned by someone offering organic kimonos for a cheap price. The prices reflect the uncompromising standard of production.

  5. Avoid clothes with small neck holes and armholes, labels on the neck, glitters, and sequins, small props that can choke the baby, not CPSC complaints, snuggle fit clothes. Always go for kimonos with side fasteners, organic fabric, loose and GOTS certified clothes for maximum comfort.

  6. Buy only authentic organic clothes for the baby. GOTS is The Global Organic Textile Standard is an insignia for Organic in the textile industry, acknowledged and esteemed worldwide. It guarantees an ethically and environmentally responsible method of production through its stern regulations and maneuvers throughout the supply chain of a garment. Its logo serves as a trusted and credible assurance to the consumer. Look for the GOTS logo with the license number on the garment. If you see the sign there means you are buying an authentic product. You can also cross verify the license number on GOTS database.

If you are looking for organic baby clothes, organic onesies, organic rompers that are comfortable and adorable, GOTS certified, Rolly Pollies Organic is the one-stop-shop for you.

At Rolly Pollies, each organic kimono for babies is made with natural and organic cotton to guarantee your little bud has a natural wardrobe that is not only soft on their skin but good for the environment as well.

Buy organic baby clothes at Rolly Pollies for the little one basks in absolute adorability.