Three Reasons to Choose Organic Cotton

Updated: Jan 22, 2021


Organic Cotton is better for our Planet than Industrial Cotton because it is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Making the right choices is important to us, and even more if the decision affects our environment and sustainability.


Organic Cotton is softer to your baby’s skin, as it does not contain toxic substances.⁣ It is also suitable for sensitive skin (like baby’s skin).

So, if you want to provide comfort to your baby and you want him to grow in the best way, we recommend that you dress your baby with organic cotton garments!

On the other hand, Organic Cotton lasts much longer. This is because the cotton threads were not broken or damaged by any chemicals during the growing and weaving process, as is often the case with traditional cotton. Therefore, organic cotton lasts longer due to its superior quality.

Also, as we mentioned before, organic cotton is super soft. This is another important reason to choose organic cotton for your baby’s clothes. The reason why it is softer is because the fibers of organic cotton are much longer than in traditional cotton. By being selected by hand, it gives us the guarantee that the fibers are of good quality and that they will not weaken. This results in softer, longer-lasting products.


In the first place, we want to highlight that in the production of organic cotton, farmers are able to sell their harvest at a much better price than conventional cotton, and this makes them have a better quality of life and leads them to live much more calm and happy.

In addition to obtaining a much higher and fairer price for their crops, growing organic cotton is more stable and that means that farmers have less risk of losing their harvest.

On the other hand, the pesticides used in conventional cotton production include chemicals that are highly toxic to farmers.

In contrast, the process of growing organic cotton is friendly to farmers. They are not exposed to harmful pesticides and herbicides during the growing process.

​Finally, we want to add that organic cotton production promotes a fair workplace. This means that when we choose organic cotton, we are aware that we are supporting an industry that ensures that environmental and social standards are fair. Furthermore, this production respects safe and hygienic working conditions, non-discrimination in the workplace and fair wages.

These are the three most important and general reasons why we choose and support organic cotton production. Our babies are our most important concern, and that is why we want to give them the best so that they grow up healthy and happy.