Summer Picks: How to Keep Your Baby Comfortable While Looking Fashionable

With the summer months already upon us, it’s time to plan for many outdoor playdates and adventures with the newest addition to your family. In order to ensure that all of your summer plans run smoothly, it is necessary to think about your little one’s warm-weather attire. Below we have compiled a basic checklist to help you begin planning summer must-haves for your baby.

1. RollyPollies Organic Kimonos are the perfect summer clothing option for your baby. With snaps that open from the front, changing is made extremely simple and can be done quickly and effectively while out and about over the summer. All of the kimono onesies are short-sleeved and do not have pant legs, making them ideal for playing outdoors in the heat. Additionally, our fun print collections (Lemons, Under the Sea, Wild and Free, and Bugs) would be perfect for your little one.

2. In order to protect your baby from the harsh sun, it is important to remember to always apply sunscreen during outdoor adventures. Babies’ skin is very fragile and susceptible to burns, and must constantly be protected. Another great option for sun protection is hats! Hats can be super stylish while still keeping your baby safe from sun damage.

3. When the daytime heat starts dying down, it’s a good idea to consider a light, comfortable pair of pants for your little one to wear during the cooler summer nights. Our 100% organic cotton material provides for the best lightweight pants you could dress your baby in. Try our Siesta or Taormina rompers to optimize your baby’s comfort.

We here at RollyPollies wish you the best summer with your little ones, and hope that our products can help you make the most out of these warmer months!