How To Wash Organic Cotton?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

We hope that together we can build a better world for our children. That's why we create a sustainable brand that is good to the environment, and could change the world! ⁣⁣⁣⁣We manufacture our clothes with the same love and care as if we were making them for our kids, using only organic cotton and the almost quality.⁣

Organic cotton garments are much more resistant and durable than industrial cotton garments. But they take special care when washing

As we said before, our clothes are made of organic cotton and lots of love! That’s why we made this instructions for you. Just remember these recommendations and you will enjoy the products for years to come:

  • All of our products are machine washable. We recommend gentle cycle with cold or warm water. It’s very important for the first wash, use cold wash or maximum 30°C water temperature.

  • Use a normal or mild detergent, we suggest using a natural one.

  • We recommend washing the garments inside out.

  • We suggest washing colors in cold water and whites in warm water. Don’t forget  to wash separating by similar colors, because it could happen that the color of a much darker garment could fade other.

  • We recommend line dry if it is possible, or tumble dry on low.

  • For a crisp look, the clothes can be ironed at medium temperature

  • We do not recommend using whiteners as bleaching agents.

When washing please consider the environmental impact of the resources used. We hope this #RollyPolliesTips have helped you!