How To Plan The Perfect Baby Shower

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

We believe that organizing a baby shower for the baby is the perfect excuse to share the joy of pregnancy with family, friends and close people.

In these parties the protagonists are the future parents and, of course, the baby. The main objective is to collect all the necessary accessories for the birth and the first months of life, that is why good planning and organization is so important. Also, the Baby Shower is the perfect opportunity for “new moms” to ask questions and receive advice from their friends who are already moms.

Keep reading, below we are going to give you tips to plan a perfect baby shower! You will be able to learn what you must do to enjoy this beautiful moment and make it amazing!

First of all, the Baby Shower must be organized by someone very close to the mother. It is ideal that this person knows the tastes and interests of the mother. If you are the mother and you want to be sure that everything will go well, we recommend that you be aware of all the details but thin the organizational part so that you do not get stressed.

Generally, the Baby Shower is celebrated a little before the baby is born, between the seventh or eighth month of gestation. Although it can be done at any stage of pregnancy, it is more fun towards the end of it.

For a Perfect Baby Shower we suggest you to choose a good theme, so everything is going to be connected. For example: animals, princesses, cars, flowers, etc.

Here we leave you 5 topics that are fundamental for good organization:


One of the first steps is making a guest list. With this you can make an estimate of the things that are required for the celebration.

It is important to consider who really wants to share the joy of the future mother; the list can include family members, close friends, and co-workers.

Once the list is complete, the invitations are sent (ideally, send them about a month in advance).


We believe that creating a party atmosphere is essential.. All decoration is important, and it creates a feeling of joy and fun. Use something related to the arrival of the baby: storks, bottles, pacifiers, strollers, diapers, whatever comes to mind!

We suggest you include: balloons, flowers and a signature book so guests can leave their words and best wishes there!


Food is always essential in all kinds of events! But, don't stress too much. What we recommend is that you choose typical foods that you know everyone likes, and then a great many desserts and sweet foods! If you can make desserts thematic, so much the better. You can choose: cupcakes, cookies, cakes, or popcorn.


Every party needs games, nobody wants to be in a boring meeting.

There are many fun activities that allow you to break the ice between people who attend and do not know each other.

One of the most popular games is to distribute ribbons to all the guests and let them guess how much it takes to completely surround the mother-to-be's belly.

If you want a simpler option, you can put in the middle a cake decorated with lots of sweet artificial diapers, and make a dynamic where the guests guess how many diapers are on the cake.

Another very easy and fun game that you can organize is the following: In disorder, write words related to babies, and in a limited time your guests will have to order them.


A beautiful detail is to let your guests know how important their company was to you. According to the theme of the Shower, give souvenirs so that they always remember the incredible moment they spent with you in one of the most important stages of your life.

And don't forget, being a mother is something beautiful and unique! Enjoy. We love to be with you in this special moment.