10 Tips For New Mothers

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Being a mom is a very special moment, but it is not easy at all. That is why, with our experience, we want to accompany and support you on this new path. We want you to enjoy it, because there is nothing more beautiful than watching your child grow up, saying their first words, playing, taking their first steps, and being happy.

Here are 10 tips that will be super useful:

1. During pregnancy, you will feel the baby between the 18th and 20th week of pregnancy. First you will feel a tingling, it is a unique and beautiful feeling.

2. Mood swings are normal in pregnancy. Remember that your body is having a lot of changes and hormones too.

3. Document the pregnancy. Photos and videos cannot be missing. It is a unique experience that is worth remembering. Sometimes you are not going to be in the mood to take photos and videos, in fact, you will surely see yourself with a few extra pounds and you do not even want to be photographed, but it is very important to register it because then you will see the photos and smile.

4. Try to always be informed. Consult with other mothers or research online, so you will get more knowledge of the subject.

5. Try to sleep when the baby does. So you can also recharge energy to serve it.

6. Don't be scared by your weight. At first it will be difficult to lose those extra pounds. Start by eating healthy and taking a walk in the morning. Do not forget to hydrate well and watch your diet. After delivery, and more if there is breastfeeding, the demands for liquid and food are very great because the baby needs a lot of nutritional intake. Try to organize yourself to make healthy meals, they will help you feel good.

7. Learn to let yourself be helped. Sometimes we want to show everybody that we can alone, and we do not allow ourselves to be helped by people around us. As you recover from childbirth, especially in the first weeks when your body is adjusting to the hormonal level and to different rhythms of sleep and wakefulness, allow the people around you to support you in everything possible: make meals, put washing machines, go shopping, or walk the baby while you rest. Delegation is a virtue, and when you have a newborn, a necessity.

8. There are things you should know about the appearance of the newborn baby:

His skin is going to be almost transparent due to the immaturity of his circulatory system. If the baby was born prematurely, his body is usually covered with a fine layer of hair that in a few weeks will fall out until it disappears completely.

Many times, it seems as if the baby is squinting. But be quiet, it is because he still does not control the eye muscles, surely his focus will be corrected.

9. The first days of the baby's life, it should not be bathed. You have to wait until the umbilical cord falls off. Until then, they cannot be submerged, although they can be cleaned with sponges.

10. Do not forget to enjoy this moment, because it is one of the most special moments of your whole life.