Our Story


We are Maia and Matias. We are siblings, and we teamed up with a clear objective: to make the baby clothes we always wanted our kids to wear.

We are busy families: each one has 3 kids (Bauti, Benja, Helena, Nico, Luka and Sebi). We always want the best for them, and sometimes that is hard to find.

Rolly Pollies Family

In 2018, while we were both waiting for our latest additions to our families (Helena and Sebi were born in 2018 and 2019 respectively), we dreamed of a project that allowed us to design the clothes we wanted, be good for the environment and change the world.
That’s how Rolly Pollies was born. Rolly Pollies is a sustainable, happy endeavor to be shared with the world. We make tiny clothes for little giants, with two key materials: Organic Cotton and lots of love.

We are proud to be an independent infant and toddler clothing manufacturer, with ethical production. Living in harmony with the planet. Our philosophy is not only in our products, but in our way of life.
Because the best happiness is the one you share with others. Welcome to Rolly Pollies.

Dedicated to Helena, Sebi, Bauti, Benja, Nico and Luka. Our little giants.
We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed dreaming about them and make them come true.

Maia & Matias,
Rolly Pollies Organic Kids Wear owners and founders.

Maia Benitez

Maia is the co-founder, CEO and designer for RollyPollies. She's also a mom of 3 (Benja, Bauti and Hele). She has worked for the leading women fashion brands in Latin America before dreaming of RollyPollies. She lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina with her husband Santiago.


Matias Benitez

Matias is a co-founder, COO and webmaster for RollyPollies. He's also a dad of 3 boys, who love soccer and are growing too fast! Matias has an extensive background in the tech industry and lives in Austin, TX with his wife Tijana and the boys.